What Are Frenchies Mixed With? Everything You Need to Know

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meta description: Frenchies are a popular breed that’s used to create unique designer dog breeds. Learn about the most common breeds Frenchies are mixed with.

Frenchies are a popular dog breed that has been around since the 19th century. What makes this dog breed popular is how often it’s used to create unique designer dog breeds. Its small toy size makes it one of the best dogs to mix with other breeds to make them smaller without compromising their health. So, what are Frenchies mixed with? The short answer is a lot of dog breeds ranging from poodles to Yorkies.

That said, it’s worth it to take some time learning about what Frenchies are commonly mixed with before you adopt a Frenchie mix. Since these dogs are often designer dogs, they can come with high price tags, and understanding common breeding trends can improve your chances of getting the dog you want without having to spend too much money. Read on to learn what Frenchies are mixed with.

Breeds that Frenchies Are Mixed With

French bulldogs are mixed with many breeds due to their toy dog status, which makes it easy to get unique designer dogs. What’s more, you can get some interesting personality traits when you mix a Frenchie with other dog breeds. Learn about some of the breeds that are mixed with Frenchies below.

1. Frenchton

The Frenchton is one of the more common mixed breeds that has French bulldog genes. This breed is a combination of the Frenchie and the Boston terrier. While Boston terriers could be on the larger side, mixing them with a Frenchie reduces their size to less than 30 pounds. This gives you a potential show dog that has a great personality that meshes well with other animals and even children. Frenchtons also have a lot of energy and are loyal dogs.


They look like French bulldogs and can be brown, black, cream, fawn, and white.

2. Frenchie Pug

The Frenchie pug is one of the cutest dogs you can lay eyes on. Both of these breeds are on the smaller side, so you usually end up with a toy-sized dog with big eyes and a flat face. While the flat face. They’re known for being energetic, friendly, loyal, and affectionate with their human companions. Plus, they get along well with children, and they’re small enough to fit in most homes.

3. French Bullhuahua

The French bullhuahua is one of the more unique breeds that a Frenchie is mixed with. Since Chihuahuas can be designer dogs, to begin with, get ready to pay big bucks for one of these days from a breeder. Most French bullhuahuas are known for being a bit sassy but loyal to their human companions. They will often bark at strangers, and their faces will resemble that of a Chihuahua. Personality aside, these dogs are small and not tall, which makes them suitable for small spaces.

4. French Boodle

French boodles are a combination of a Frenchie and a poodle. What makes this breed one of the more unique mixes on our list is how different they can be. Since poodles can range in size from a toy breed to larger, medium-sized dogs, the French boodle can be a small dog, a medium-sized dog, or even a toy-sized dog.

Size aside, French boodle are smart dogs that can learn many tricks and complex commands. This makes them great for designer dog shows where some agility training is required. You’ll also find that these dogs are easy to groom because their coats are durable and don’t require frequent baths or professional grooming services.

5. French Pomerdog

The French pomerdog is a mix between the Frenchie and the Pomeranian. These dogs pair well due to their similar temperaments. You’ll find that French pomerdogs are playful, affectionate, loyal, and kind. They don’t have a lot of aggression, and you can get away with taking them for just one walk a day if it’s around 30-60 minutes.


This makes them one of the lower-maintenance Frenchie mixes that you can choose from. When it comes to their size, French pomerdogs are about 12 inches tall and around 10 pounds.

Adopt a Frenchie Mix With Confidence

Frenchies are great dogs, and when you mix them with other breeds, many of their positive traits rub off on them. Whether you want a designer dog to take with you to shows or a dog that will offer comfort and support, Frenchies can be a great addition to your home. Once you know what breeds Frenchies are mixed with, you’ll have a better time finding the perfect Frenchie from a breeder you can trust.